In reverse chronological order.

CloudFlare Pages(2021-)

It’s new but quite completed, migrating from Netlify took less than 10 minutes with zero downtime:

  • set up new CloudFlare Pages: link Github account, select Jekyll template and deploy
  • update CNAME records

Now I don’t need to worry about certificate renewal, not bad.


Linode says Tokyo1 will be retired, I don’t like its Tokyo2 DC, so I migrated this blog to Netlify.


  • Repo build requirements: add Gemfile to repo, set build command jekyll build, publish dir _site
  • Netlify Dashboard: add domain, upload wildcard certs(cert.pem, chain.pem, privkey.pem from certbot), enable all assets optimization except Pretty URLs
  • CloudFlare: delete A record of root domain, CNAME it to Netlify-generated domain
  • Global Ping: verify DNS records were populated

This blog now gets global CDN and loses access log – which I haven’t spared any time to audit yet.

Linode Tokyo1(2014-2019)

Back then SSL certificates were not free, Netlify was out but I don’t know, nginx required linking with LibreSSL to support CHACHA20_POLY1305, the “Continuous Deployment” is simply docker-compose build && docker-compose up -d --remove-orphans.

I had some fun getting an A+ in SSL Labs, the efforts resulted in about 100 lines of nginx configuration files.

mostly web crawlers

It feels good when I know there are real humans who spent their time with my writings.